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Posted on 7th December 2018

by harrie

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Sometimes you need to get creative to find an available domain name.

We’ve previously written about some ways to find domain names that are still available to register. Now let’s review a few websites that will help get your creative juices flowing and help you land the perfect domain name.

These three websites weren’t created to help conjure up domain names. They were created for people writing songs, playing word games or trying to improve their writing. But they are also perfect for finding words that match the connotation you want for your website name.

Word Hippo

Word Hippo is a site that got a bit creative when choosing its own domain name, so it’s not surprising that it’s also a great resource for you to generate name ideas.

The site’s thesaurus is one of the best for finding similar words. Type in a word and it instantly delivers a list of synonyms.

wordhippo screenshot

Each of the synonyms is clickable, so you might find yourself quickly going down a rabbit hole. Take note of each word that you like and try substituting it for your original word until you find an available domain.

For example, if you want to use “big” in your domain name, try words like giant, epic, and jumbo.

Word Hippo splits the results by different meanings of the original word. For example, big includes results meaning “Of great size or scale”, “Of considerable importance or seriousness” and “Grown-up”.

The site also lists rhymes for each word.

Rhyme Zone

Want to find a rhyming word to generate a creative domain name? Check out Rhyme Zone.

People use Rhyme Zone for many reasons, including finding words for writing songs and poetry. Rhymes can also play a role in domain names.

Take your original or main keyword, plug it into Rhyme Zone and get a list of rhyming words that can become the second word of your domain name.

rhymezone screenshot

Rhyme Zone splits the words by the number of syllables. While one syllable rhymes are usually the best, don’t be afraid to try longer ones to find an available domain.

One Look

One Look has a couple of powerful features that will help you brainstorm domain name ideas.

The main functionality helps you find words with wildcards in them. (A wildcard just means some additional text.)

Type in “win*” and you’ll find words of varying lengths that start with “win”. Type in “win???” and you’ll find six-letter words that start with “win,” which each question mark representing a letter.

OneLook’s best feature is its reverse dictionary. Unlike a traditional thesaurus that only lets you find matches for a single word, OneLook will find words that are related to a concept, such as ‘large birds’.

onelook screenshot

Use this reverse dictionary to brainstorm words to include in your domain names based on general concepts.

Get Creative

Finding the perfect domain name involves lots of brainstorming and creativity. These three tools help generate ideas that might not come to mind without a little prompting.

Once you find your new domain, register it at Ace Design Studios for low prices and great service.

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